François Lavallée

François Lavallée, C.Tr.

Francois LavalleeFrançois Lavallée, a certified translator since 1985, has been vice president for training & quality at Edgar, a language services company in Quebec City, since 2009. Prior to that he worked on his own for 20 years. François is also the president founder of Magistrad, a professional development school he founded in 2006 that offers some 15 different training workshops for translators in cities across Canada. One of a team of ten presenters, François teaches “La traduction administrative… idiomatique!” a series of three one-day seminars he has given some 60 times, from Vancouver to Moncton, to over 1,000 participants.

François holds an honors degree in translation from Laval University (1985) where he has worked part-time since 2002 as an instructor in general, commercial, and legal translation and in text revision. He is also the author of two collections of short stories (Le tout est de ne pas le dire, 2001; Dieu, c’est par où?, 2006), a novel (L’homme qui fuyait, 2013), a collection of fables in the style of La Fontaine (Quand la fontaine coule dans la vallée, 2007), and a translation guide entitled Le traducteur averti (Linguatech, 2005).

François’s books can be ordered online at and elsewhere. François also regularly posts his “French editor’s tips” on Twitter, several hundred of which have been published in a joint compendium with Grant Hamilton in Tweets et gazouillis pour des traductions qui chantent (Linguatech éditeur, 2002).