Translation Contest

A holiday special for translators targeting the high end of the market!

After last summer’s Translate in Chantilly event, attendees were invited to take part in our traditional translation contest. They could choose to translate a French text into English or an English text into French, and a good number rose to the challenge. Scroll down this page to view our entries from French into English.

We hereby invite all professional translators to vote here and now for their favorite, and will be announcing the winners on January 15. This year’s prize: personalized feedback/input sessions with our six instructors on the winner’s current assignments.

Act now—if you are a professional translator, click here to vote (and feel free to swing over to the into-French page, too).

Bonus announcement: we are delighted to confirm that the summer 2016 session of the “Translate in…” series will take place at King’s College Cambridge (UK) from August 8-10, organized by our dynamic colleagues at ITI. If you are a translator and have reached a stage in your practice where you want to take your skills up to the next level and connect with more demanding clients, consider attending. To register your interest and sign up for further information, visit

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Translate in Chantilly French>English  Translation Contest

Original French Text

Hermès, Max Chaoul, Nathalie Chaize, Garbis Devar, J.C. Trigon, Brochier, Millésia – Nina Ricci, Lyon Mode City et Interfilière, Korloff, Print’Or, Colectica, Gatafossé, Rémy Téssier, Charles Jouffre… tous par leurs activités participent au dynamisme de l’agglomération lyonnaise et portent son ambition.

Lyon affirme ainsi sa dimension  prospective en façonnant les tendances de demain.

Héritière d’une tradition liée au textile, à la bijouterie et à la chimie, Lyon a su développer un tissu créatif et industriel diversifié ainsi qu’un potentiel dans la recherche et la formation.

Avec Lyon Vision Mode, le Grand Lyon affiche sa volonté de fédérer les énergies, d’encourager les échanges entre les acteurs de la mode, de mettre en valeur les métiers, les savoirs -faire et les richesses pour imposer Lyon et sa région comme métropole européenne.

Lyon Vision Mode a placé le soutien à la création parmi les axes prioritaires de sa démarche.

C’est donc pour donner aux acteurs régionaux de la mode les moyens de répondre aux nouvelles attentes des marchés que la marque met en œuvre une action permanente de coordination et d’animation de réseau.

Si vous êtes un créateur, Lyon Vision Mode vous accompagne dans votre développement économique. En tant qu’industriel, Lyon Vision Mode vous soutient dans votre recherche permanente de créativité.

L’agglomération lyonnaise se distingue par un nombre important d’organismes de formation et de centres de recherche de pointe dans les secteurs de la mode.

Vous disposez donc d’outils performants pour assurer votre développement basé sur l’innovation et la créativité.

Formée dans des écoles et universités de haute qualité, une main d’œuvre qualifiée et présente sur place vous est accessible.

L’agglomération lyonnaise est bien positionnée comme ville d’affaires pour les secteurs de la mode, avec la tenue d’événements internationaux vous permettant de développer votre entreprise.

Salons professionnels, conventions d’affaires, expositions… autant de manifestations qui soulignent le dynamisme des secteurs d’excellence lyonnais.

Entry A

A roll call of design names is setting a dynamic pace in Lyon, with the likes of Hermès, Max Chaoul, Nathalie Chaize, Garbis Devar, JC. Trigon, Brochier, Millesia – Nina Ricci, Lyon Mode City and Interfilière, Korloff, Print’Or, Colectica, Gatefossé, Rémy Téssier and Charles Jouffre helping drive the region’s economic development.

Always a trendsetter, Lyon is a city that knows where it’s headed. Building on the region’s traditional expertise in textiles, jewellery and chemistry, it has developed a diversified industrial fabric brimming with creativity and offering plenty of scope for research and training.

Now Lyon Vision Mode is positioning Greater Lyon as a powerhouse of fashion, bringing together major players from the region’s design sector, channelling their energy and capitalising on their wealth of creative and industrial know-how to propel the city onto the European stage.

Design is a key driver of Lyon Vision Mode. We want our region’s fashion professionals to live up to the expectations of a fast-changing marketplace – so we make it easier for them by playing an ongoing networking and coordination role.

We are here to support design. Are you a designer looking for backers? Or a manufacturer always on the lookout for fresh talent? Let Lyon Vision Mode put you in touch with the people you need to meet.

Greater Lyon’s many groundbreaking research facilities and training institutions lead the field in fashion, offering a formidable advantage if your business development is founded on innovation and creativity.

A further asset is our qualified and recruitment-ready workforce, trained in top schools and universities and now based in the region.

Greater Lyon is the ideal place to do business in the fashion industry, with our panoply of international events paving the way for you to develop your operations.

Our trade fairs, shows and conventions create a constant buzz in this design hotspot – so give your business the Lyon advantage!

Entry B

Big names and events in the French fashion industry are invigorating the Lyon area and driving its ambitions. The list is long: Hermès, Max Chaoul, Nathalie Chaize, Garbis Devar, J.C. Trigon, Brochier, Millésia – Nina Ricci, Lyon Mode City and Interfilière, Korloff, Print’Or, Colectica, Gattefossé, Rémi Tessier, Charles Jouffre and more.

As Lyon shapes the trends of tomorrow, the city has its sights firmly set on the future. Drawing on a long tradition of expertise in textiles, jewelry and chemicals, Lyon offers a diverse creative and industrial environment as well as promising research and training opportunities.

The Lyon Vision Mode label reflects Greater Lyon’s desire to position Lyon and the surrounding region as a major metropolitan area in Europe. With this in mind, the label brings together players in the fashion industry, encourages them to interact, and highlights the trades, know-how and advantages the Lyon area has to offer.

Lyon Vision Mode makes support for creativity a key priority. The label aims to continuously build fashion industry connections and facilitate networking in an effort to provide local players with the resources they need to meet new market demands. If you are a designer, Lyon Vision Mode can help develop your business. If you are a manufacturer, it can support your ongoing search for creative talent.

The Lyon area boasts a number of training institutes and cutting-edge research centers in fields relating to fashion. These institutions offer valuable resources to spur development through innovation and creativity and they equip the region with a skilled and well-trained local workforce.

The Lyon area plays host to several international events that provide opportunities for business development, making it a great place to do business in the fashion industries. Trade shows, business conventions, expos and other events all showcase the vitality of Lyon’s sectors of excellence.

Entry C

Hermès, Max Chaoul, Nathalie Chaize, Garbis Devar, J.C. Trigon, Brochier and Millésia by Nina Ricci. Lyon Mode City and Interfilière, Korloff, Print’Or, Colectica, Gatafossé, Rémy Téssier and Charles JOuffre. These are just some of the names operating from within the Greater Lyon area, contributing to the investment vibe and demonstrating the ambitious heights of this region.

The city of Lyon’s talent for trendsetting leads it to affirm its investment potential. With a heritage steeped in traditions linked to textiles, jewellery and chemistry, Lyon has developed a creative infrastructure with a whole host of businesses and research and development capabilities to boot.

Greater Lyon is publicising both the city of Lyon and its surrounding area as a European metropolis via Lyon Vision Mode – a programme offering product design support to manufacturers involved in Dermocosmetology. This movement exhibits Greater Lyon’s determination to unite forces, get fashion stakeholders talking to each other, and showcase its trade, know-how and wealth of resources.

Backing creativity is central to the strategy that underpins Lyon Vision Mode. The programme organises ongoing coordination initiatives and networking opportunities to provide key regional players in the fashion industry with the means to respond to new market demands. If you are a creator, Lyon Vision Mode helps you to grow a commercial business, if you are an established business Lyon Vision Mode helps you in your ongoing search for creativity.

The large number of fashion industry development organisations and advanced research centres is what makes the Greater Lyon area so exclusive.

You will have the right tools at your fingertips to make sure you grow in an innovative and creative direction.

You will have onsite access to a qualified workforce who have trained in some of the most highly regarded colleges and universities.

The Greater Lyon area is well positioned as a commercial capital for the fashion industry. It is host to numerous international events enabling you to grow your business. Including trade shows, business conventions, exhibitions and so many other events which showcase the dynamism of industry excellence in the Greater Lyon area.

Entry D

Fashion, cosmetics and jewellery firms contribute to the vitality of the Lyon urban area and bolster its ambition, with labels like Hermès, Max Chaoul, Nathalie Chaize, Garbis Devar, J.C. Trigon, Brochier, Millésia-Nina Ricci, Korloff, Print’Or, Colectica, Gatafossé, Rémy Téssier and Charles Jouffre – plus a major trade event, Lyon Mode City et Interfilière.

Forward-looking Lyon fosters the trends of tomorrow. Lyon has drawn on its long-standing heritage of excellence in textiles, jewellery and chemistry to weave a variegated creative and industrial fabric, backed by strong research and training potential.

Greater Lyon’s umbrella brand ‘Lyon Vision Mode’ brings fashion sector players together, encourages them to interact and showcases their products, craftsmanship and rich traditions to position Lyon as one of Europe’s leading cities for fashion.

Support for the creative industries is one of Lyon Vision Mode’s strategic drivers. The label has set up a business support network to help fashion sector players in the Lyon area meet new market expectations. Lyon Vision Mode helps designers grow their business and assists manufacturers in their search for fresh creative talent.

The Lyon urban area has many leading-edge campuses and research facilities serving the fashion sector. They provide competitive input to propel business expansion using creative, innovative solutions. The area also boasts a readily available pool of qualified manpower educated at top-level schools and universities.

The Lyon urban area is the ideal business hub for the fashion sector, staging international events to help companies boost their turnover. From trade fairs to conventions, these events spotlight Lyon’s vibrant sectors of excellence.

Entry E

Lyon is a magnet for fashion brands that add their vibrancy to our flourishing urban area.

Our region is home to Hermès, Max Chaoul, Nathalie Chaize, Garbis Devar, J.C. Trigon, Brochier, Millésia – Nina Ricci, Lyon Mode City et Interfilière, Korloff, Print’Or, Colectica, Gatafossé, Rémy Téssier and Charles Jouffre.

Why not add your brand to an impressive list?

Lyon has always been at the forefront of fashion, setting the trends of tomorrow.

Local savoir-faire in the textile, jewellery and chemistry sectors has been passed on from generation to generation and today the city has a diverse fabric of creative and industrial companies. The area is also fast becoming the place to come for expertise in research and training.

With Lyon Vision Mode, the Grand Lyon urban area is looking to galvanise momentum, encourage discussion and enhance our profession’s image by highlighting our skills. Together we can make Lyon one of Europe’s most attractive city areas.

Creativity is important to any enterprise and at Lyon Vision Mode we make it our business to support local brands in their creative process.

We help the local fashion industry adapt to new markets by forging ties and maintaining a dynamic network.

If you are a fashion designer, we are here to help you grow your business. If you are a manufacturer aiming to be at the forefront of fashion, Lyon Vision Mode can point you in the right direction.

There are several large training centres and fashion research institutes in the area.

Local companies therefore have at their disposal the inventiveness and creativity they need to develop their business.

The urban area has highly reputable schools and universities that constitute a healthy talent pool for your recruitment needs.

The Lyon urban area hosts a number of international fashion industry events, making our region the ideal base for entrepreneurs in the sector.

Set up your fashion business in Lyon and be sure to keep your finger on the pulse of your industry.

Entry F

The Lyon Vision Mode brand demonstrates greater Lyon’s determination to establish Lyon as a major European center by consolidating the energy of the players in the fashion industry and encouraging their collaboration, and by showcasing the industry’s elegance, resources and professions.

Endowed with a tradition of textiles, jewelry and chemistry, Lyon has constructed a diversified creative and industrial network, as well as the capacity for training and research. The activities of local companies–Hermès, Max Chaoul, Nathalie Chaize, Garbis Devar, J.C. Trigon, Brochier, Millésia-Nina Ricci, Lyon Mode City et Interfilière, Korloff, Print’Or, Colectica, Gatafossé, Rémy Téssier, Charles Jouffre—all contribute to the vitality of the Lyon metropolitan area, and share its aspirations.

Lyon lays claim to its prominence by shaping the trends of tomorrow.


  • SUPPORTS FASHION DESIGN AND MANUFACTURING. One of the primary objectives of the Lyon Vision Mode concept is to support design. Continuous network coordination and promotion provides regional fashion companies with the tools to respond to current market expectations. Lyon Vision Mode helps designers grow their businesses, and assists manufacturers in their on-going quest for quality workmanship.
  • PROVIDES ACCESS TO A HIGHLY TRAINED WORKFORCE. The Lyon metropolitan area is noted for its large number of top schools and universities, and premier research centers for the fashion sectors. A qualified local workforce is therefore readily available–powerful tools to ensure company growth through innovation and creativity.
  • OFFERS A PRIME LOCATION FOR EVENTS. The Lyon metropolitan area is well-positioned as a business center for the fashion sectors, with international events that allow companies to grow their businesses. Trade shows, conventions and exhibitions all highlight Lyon’s preeminent sectors.

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